Insecticide Nontoxic , Odorless, EPA Approved.

We use a variety of safer nontoxic insecticide that provide excellent control of infestations. We understand the life cycle of insects and how it interacts with the different treatments we use. Many of our treatments effectively create a mechanical kill of the insects vs. using harsh chemicals.


Better — and safer — than chemicals, biological pest control is based on highly specific, naturally occurring diseases caused by insect-infecting bacteria, protozoa, viruses and fungi. These products are very effective against their target insects but are non-toxic to humans, pets, wildlife and beneficial insects. Biopesticides are also short-lived in the environment and are less likely to produce insect resistance than synthetic chemicals.

Botanical Insecticides

Your second line of defense for dealing with insects, these natural pesticides have shorter half-lives and less toxicity as commercial chemical spray. We use them when pest infestations are too advanced for immediate non-toxic options. Botanical insecticides — derived from plants which have insecticidal properties — have fewer harmful side effects and break down more quickly in the environment than synthetic chemicals.